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Meticulous Floor Finishing & Refinishing

A high-quality finish is essential for a long-lasting floor. Extreme Flooring offers meticulous floor finishing and refinishing for all types of wood. We use high-quality stains and finishes from Bona. Visit their website to explore their selection.

Flooring with Borders

Water-Based Urethane

Water-based urethane provides a clear, non-yellowing finish and produces fewer odors than other finishes. Available in gloss, semi-gloss, and satin sheens, water-based urethane is generally applied in a minimum of three coats. This product dries quickly, and cleanup can be accomplished with soap and water. Most manufacturers make both commercial-grade and standard water-based urethane finishes. We recommend commercial-grade finishes, as they are more resistant than either standard-grade water-based urethanes finishes or oil-based polyurethanes.

Oil-Based Polyurethane

Oil-based polyurethane is the most commonly used floor finish. Available in gloss, semi-gloss, and satin sheens, oil-based polyurethane is generally applied in two or three coats, with a drying time of up to 8–15 hours for each coat. This type of finish emits fumes as it dries, so adequate ventilation is important. Cleanup is accomplished with a solvent similar to paint thinner. An oil-based polyurethane finish ambers with age.

Hassle-Free Floor Refinishing

Refinishing your hardwood floors is a great way to breathe new life into an aging home. In most cases, refinishing is less expensive than purchasing carpet. With the proper maintenance, hardwood floors will outlast carpet many times over. We'll restore your floor to its original beauty and protect it with high-quality finishes.

The refinishing process is not as scary as it used to be. At Extreme Flooring, we have the latest equipment, which keeps dust at a minimum during the refinishing process. We also protect other areas of your property with plastic to reduce cleanup. With today's finishes, you can stay in your house while the work is being done.

The Process:

  1. Remove furniture (homeowners' responsibility in most cases, but can be done by us).
  2. Put up plastic to contain the dust in the work area, as far as possible.
  3. Sand the floor 3 or more times, making it smoother with each pass, using the skill and knowledge we have gained over 25 years in the business.
  4. Apply stain and/or finish. Note that oil-based finishes must be left overnight to dry, so no more than one coat can be applied per day. Water-based finishes dry more quickly, but no more than two coats should be applied per day unless conditions are perfect. Homeowners are required to stay off the floors during the finishing process, including additional time for finishes to dry.
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